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WarmBears™ Super Warm Anorak

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Waterproof, Durable, Rugged, Outdoor Jacket Built to Last a Lifetime!

The WarmBears™ Super Warm Anorak will blend in perfectly while you’re on the hunt or simply exploring the wilderness.

This is our flagship model and the most sought after anorak in the industry. We know that many people shy away from wool because it’s irritable to the skin and we understand, so we designed and milled this fabric to be soft to the touch.


SUPER WARM - 🔥🔥This fabric is woven tight in order to provide you with extra protection against winds that are common in higher elevations while keeping you toasty warm. Its natural properties make it fire retardant, will wick body moisture, repel water, and could retain up to 80% of your body’s core temperature in the event you get it wet.

🧣The comfortable sleeves are equipped with elastic cuffs to protect you from the cold, and the sealing hat can definitely feel warm in the cold wind.

DURABLE - 🔥🔥Weighing in heavy at 1.4lbs (650g) gives it a stronger/tougher feel to that of other wool models that are softer to the touch. This color will blend in perfectly while you’re on the hunt or simply exploring the wilderness.🔥🔥

CONVENIENT FRONT KANGAROO POCKET - 🔥🔥Finally, we added a front kangaroo pocket with webbed d ring suspenders sewn on the inside for receiving your keys. Proudly bringing you another precisely finished, heirloom product that will yield maximum durability and become your go-to anorak for all your wild expeditions.

WarmBears™ Super Warm Anorak Sweater

Anorak Specifications:

  • Product care: Dry clean
  • Material: Wool, Polyester
  • Size: S -> 5XL