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Super Absorbent Sponge Mop Cleaner

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Brush head size:
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Make every cleaning task easy with Super Absorbent Sponge Mop Cleaner!!!
  • Introducing "Super Absorbent Sponge Mop Cleaner" - with the most advanced design to help you save maximum time spent on cleaning. Ultra-lightweight yet extremely sturdy, perfect for all types of floors and double the effectiveness with this specially designed sponge head. Experience and enjoy your clean and dry home.


  • The most advanced design: Our Super Absorbent Sponge Mop Cleaner is designed specifically for cleaning flat floors - typical cleaning for living rooms and bathrooms. The brush head is manufactured from a special material that is super absorbent and sweeps away any dirt in its path.Animated GIF
  • Super light and durable: Materials include ultra-light stainless steel and high-quality ABS plastic. Absolutely safe for health and durable. We also provide you with 2 brush heads that can be changed continuously during intense use.
  • Versatile use with all types of floors: The brush head is designed to be stable with any floor. The broom handle can be adjusted up to 52 inch to suit any space and any terrain of your home. You can glide this magic broom gently without tripping or using too much force leading to back pain.
  • Easy to clean: Lever-type wringer design makes drying quick and easy. Stains will also go away quickly. All of this takes less than 30 seconds - ready for the next turn.
  • Minimize cleaning time:  Brush head width up to 13.5 inches helps you save maximum time cleaning the whole house. It is also extremely convenient for small cleaning tasks. The wonderful thing that makes it possible to help you every day.


  • Material: Ultra-light stainless steel, High-quality ABS plastic
  • Length:  40-52 inch
  • Colors: Blue, Red, Grey ( random )


  • 1 x Super Absorbent Sponge Mop Cleaner
  • 2 x Brush Head