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2 in 1 Floor Brush Scrub Brush

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Are You Looking For A Brush That Can Get Into Every Corner, Gap, And Deep Clean?

Saves time and energy with swivel design and super stiff V-shaped bristles. It's easy to clean grout lines in long strokes instead of having to stand directly in front or at the top of the line. The swivel design allows you to clean from any angle.


V-SHAPED BRISTLESEasy cleaning of cross crevices, high and low gaps, corners, etc.

120° ROTATING BRUSH HEAD - Fit multiple angles to effectively clean up dead corners.

REMOVABLE BRUSH HEAD - Can be used alone to clean countertop sinks, kitchen crevices, etc.

PP THICK BRISTLES - Intensive brush head decontamination is convenient and powerful cleaning.


  • Brush The Gap In The Height
  • Brush The Corner Of The Seam
  • Wash The Hand Basin Bathtub
  • Brush The Dead Corner Behind The Toilet



  • Material: ABS+PVC bristles
  • Size: 44 * 9 inches (112 *23 cm)