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Garishpigs™ Storage Boxes

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The Perfect Solution For Your Home Storage ❤️

It's the best solution to store your out-of-season or bulky items and clothes so that you can maximize space in your closet.

You can keep a variety of items such as winter clothes, curtains, bed linen, quilts, blankets, toys, books & CDs, etc in this Living /Storage Box.

 Complete Protection:- protect your clothes/valuable goods from dust, moths, moisture. You can store them for long periods of time without acquiring dust and moisture.



✅ Made of Oxford Fabric:- These boxes are made with high-quality Oxford 600D fabric with elegant looks, they make a complete storage solution for your wardrobe/closet needs.


The steel frame supports the fabric and keeps the box firm. Transparent viewing windows let you have a clear view of the items inside. Double zips on the sides and top ensure easy opening and closing. Two handles are for easy carry.



✅ Big Clear Windows-: The oxford fabric Garishpigs™ Oxford Storage Boxes have 3 clear windows on front and side to view the content at glance and 2 zippered flap doors for protection, metal wireframes sustain the shape and are easy to set up, the frames simply pop open into a large storage cube.


They are made of 100% polyester and eco-friendly material which is dust-proof, moisture-proof and moth-proof.




✅ Stackable Boxes:- As they are built on the metal frame structure, these Garishpigs™ Oxford Storage Boxes are quite sturdy and stackable. You can place the same size of boxes one on top of the other as they can take that much weight.


The additional front zipper lets you remove the content without actually lifting the box above it. These boxes are meant to organize your closet in a much better way and they will actually give you extra usable space in the same area.  



✅ Foldable When not in Use:- The box can be folded back when not in use. It collapses flat for saving precious storage space and can be kept anywhere in the house until the next use.


 Multiple Uses:- The Garishpigs™ Oxford Storage Boxes can be kept in or under your storage beds, closets, wardrobes, storage cabinets. They maximise your storage space and are perfect for those not-so-frequently used items in your household.

✅ Stainless Steel Frame:- With the sturdy steel frame structure you can stack these boxes together. they can be stacked on shelves, tucked away easily in closets, under beds, side tables, or in a corner, in the tops of closets, on the floor, under tables, under beds and other places, making your home looks clean and tidy. Perfect for organizing and cutting down on clutter.



✅ Moisture-Proof:- Garishpigs™ Oxford Storage Boxes wardrobe organizer box is made of premium oxford fabric and the material from inside is treated with moisture-proof lamination that guarantees to protect your garments from moisture, moth, and dust.



This also means that you can place this organizer for clothes anywhere in your room without bothering about dust or moisture spoiling them. They can be easily cleaned by wiping the outside with a wet cloth while the content inside is safe, dry, and secure.

✅ Sturdy Handles & Label Holder:- Better performance, large open and reinforced stitching for easy use with clear window panel design. Keep the mess away! The cardholder design allows users to put the label in for recognizing contents.

✅ Upgraded Design:-  Our upgraded design is the best in quality, it is sturdy and one of the top quality in the market! The four layers of fabric handles are also rare and reinforced. It makes the storage bins removable and portable for moving, camping, etc.



✅ Lifetime Protection:- Garishpigs™ Oxford Storage Boxes offers lifetime protection from dust, moths, moisture. With these, you can store your clothes for long periods of time without acquiring any dust or moisture.


In short, this is a sturdy storage box for your clothes; and eco-friendly too. Multiple storage options are possible with this Garishpigs™ Oxford Storage Boxes  - A perfect almirah organizer & storage solution.



✅ Multiple Features:- Multi features make it easy to Use. Front and top zippers to keep or remove clothes. Front and Side View Window to view content inside without opening the box. Label Holder to mark what's kept inside. Side handles to lift the living box. Completely foldable when not in use. Even the smallest of details have been kept in mind to make these storage boxes very easy for you to use.