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Multi-purpose Cordless Mini Vacuum Sealer

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The Proper Way To Preserve Your Food And Groceries!

Multi-purpose Cordless Mini Vacuum Sealer is a versatile and convenient kitchen tool that will help you protect your food from air and freezer burn. Keep your food fresh for up to 5x longer by creating a perfect vacuum seal!

This will enable you to plan your meals in advance and make life easier. Great for solid and semi-solid food such as fruits, vegetables, fish, meat, beans, seafood, grains, cheeses, and nuts, etc.

This Multi-purpose Cordless Mini Vacuum Sealer is also ideal for storing liquid and creams when you’re travelling. For Mom’s with small babies, this Mini Vacuum Food Sealer will help you ensure that your baby’s food stays fresh, and preserves vitamins, nutrients and taste. Vacuum sealer not only keeps solid and semi-solid food fresh for longer but also store valuables like jewellery, antiques, paintings, important documents, keep supplies dry for home, picnic or camping or travelling.

LIGHTWEIGHT AND FULLY PORTABLE: Compact and stores away easily in your kitchen drawer. It’s also cord-free and portable so that you can take it on road trips and family vacations.

SIX REUSABLE BAG: You’ll get six reusable bags in two different sizes that will hold either a quart or a gallon of food. These bags can be rinsed out and used over and over again. Each has a double-zip seal, to ensure 100 per cent airtightly.

  • Cordless, Compact And Easy To Use
  • One-Touch Operation Vacuums
  • Air-Tight With The Press Of A Button
  • Conveniently Stored In A Drawer
  • Saves Time & Money


  • Material: ABS
  • Charging voltage: DC 5V
  • Charging time: 2~3 hours
  • Using time: Approx.3 hours

USB Type How to charge:
1. Plug in USB charging cable
2. Charging Indicator LED light indicates the battery is charging.
3. LED lights off if the charge saturation.