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??Multi Jointed Swimbait 6 Segmented?✨

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Looks like a real fish, “Swims” like a real fish, “Rumbles” like a real fish
BUT ... can catch BETTER than a real FISH!


?【3D realistic looking eyes】- Stereo 3D fisheye, making the fish look more vivid and realistic

?【Realistic shape looks】- Like a living fish in the water.

?【High quality link parts】-The fish body link can withstand a tensile force of up to 20 pounds.

?【Ultra sharp hooks】-Extremely sharp hooks make it easier to pierce fish, and the trident crochet hooks make it hard for fish to escape

?【Inner bass steel ball】-Make the bait's swimming position more stable, and make the bass attract the target fish

?【Flexible fishtail】-Flexible fishtails allow bait to move faster and more flexibly in the water


It’s not easy to “fool” a fish into believing that the “bait” offer is “real” food, yet that’s what the angler must do to secure a bucket full of big catches ...that’s why we’re offering the “Multi Jointed Swimbait 6 Segmented”. 
  • Length: 10cm/3.93in 
  • Weight: 18g/0.63oz
  • Diving depth: Slow Sinking 
  • Hook: Sharp hook
  • Material: ABS Plastic,Steel Wire,3D Eyes
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  • 5 * Multi Jointed Swimbait 6 Segmented