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Metal Nibbler Cutter

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Cuts through metal like butter! Works perfectly with any drill, Safe & spark free clean & smooth cuts, makes cutting a breeze

With this cutter, you will be able to cut out a straight line, curve line, arc line or many other irregular lines and shapes.

  • For any cutting task : Suitable for cutting of various materials such as sheet metal, corrugated material, pipes, complex profiles, powder coated material, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, formica, plastic, fiberglass etc. 
  • Wide application: Suitable for car repairing and maintenance, metal sheet, gutters, roof sections, complex shapes or stencils.
  • Easily fit into any standard drill that works between 1500-3000 RPM, More easy and powerful than normal shears and snips.

  • Easy use and control :Compact size, easy to operate and labor-saving. Easy and fast to cut 14 gauge material and creates a precision, burr free edge, 360 degree double cutting head to cut straight line, curve line, circles, or many other irregular lines and shapes.

  • Double headed: Creative design with double heads, which is more powerful and durable than single head nibbler. Ergonomic design ultra-grip handle offers comfort, superior control, maneuverability and increased safety.

  • Weight: 480g.
  • Speed range: 1500-3000 rpm.

Cutter Package Include:
  • 1 x Host.
  • 1 x Handle.
  • 1 x Allen wrench.