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Super non-stick Hybrid Stainless Steel Frying Pan

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???Enjoy hearty parties this Christmas!!!???

Different from other stainless steel pans on the market, our pans are made entirely of 316 stainless steel. Increased properties of anti-adhesion, anti-corrosion, anti-deformation and many superior properties is different. This will be the perfect gift for you to make steaks, stir-fries and more... without worrying about the quality of the product.


METAL UTENSIL SAFE: Unlike any cookware on the market, our patented laser-etched stainless steel hexagonal design is slightly raised above the non-stick surface which protects it and allows you to use metal utensils without worry.

OVEN SAFE 500ºF: Hybrid Stainless Steel Frying Pan chef-quality cookware is Oven-Safe and compatible on all stovetops. Guaranteed to satisfy any home cook's needs, regardless of skill level!


Super NON-STICK: High-grade PFOA & PFAS free ceramic and non-stick coating.

STAY-COOL HANDLE: All of our cookware features a stay-cool handle which means it will always stay cool while cooking on the stovetop.

EASY CLEAN: Stainless Steel Frying Pan is dishwasher safe and easy to clean. Since our pans are metal utensil safe it allows you to use more abrasive sponges likes steel wool on tougher stains.


Size: Length specifications have a measurement error of less than 0.2 in .

  • 12 in Pan: 12x2.5 in
  • 10.5 in pan: 10.5x2.5 in

Material: 100% 316 Stainless Steel