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GP™ LED Lumeflame

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GP™ LED Lumeflame the "DIY" Home Upgrade

This breakthrough invention is the ultimate solution to transform your home into a beautiful space for a fraction of the cost. It uses super bright LED lights that simulate a highly-realistic flame to give your house a cozy, warm mood. They’re so bright your home will look amazing even from a distance.

And, GP™ LED Lumeflame is super easy to use. Just screw it into any standard size light bulb socket. No annoying wiring or paying an electrician hundreds of dollars to come and install them for you 

Turn Your Regular House into a
Stunning Home in Minutes

Creates a Relaxing Mood

Lumeflame can transform any boring space into a calming mini-retreat. The warm LED light creates a stunning mood indoors and outdoors.

 Easy Setup
There’s no complicated wires to install. No expensive electrician to hire. Just screw it into any standard light bulb socket and enjoy the beautiful light show.