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GP™ Portable Pocket Microscope

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Best educational toy grabs Child's interest away from screens

We are proud to announce that over 150 satisfied customers have told us that our Pocket Microscope has cut their children's television viewing time in half!

What Mother Nature can Teach us by Observing it Closely

Inspire interest in the environment - Observe nature closely, and see beautiful patterns.

Expand the imagination - Everything can be interesting. It all depends on which lens you're looking through.

Expands understanding - See the beauty of nature that the naked eye can't see.

Increase natural development - By creating curiosity about things.

Pocket Microscope is Ideal for Children

Zoom-in option - Clear view with adjustable zoom.

Made to last - It will not break from minor drops.

Easy to use - Fits comfortably in a child's hand.

Easy to carry - Fits neatly in a bag or pocket.

Lightweight - Made of ABS plastic.

Package Include

1 x Microscope

1 x Color box