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BBQ Roasted Chicken Rack - Baked Chicken Legs & Chicken Wings

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Grilling made easier with Our BBQ Roasted Chicken Rack.

Make grilling for a party easily with our amazing BBQ Roasted Chicken Rack! Whether you’re a beginner cook, or the ultimate grill master chef, this rack will help you to make evenly cooked chicken legs or wings every time!

The BBQ Roasted Chicken Rack is a must for any kitchen and makes the perfect gift for grill lovers!

Pieces are vertically suspended inside the grill or oven and never need turning. While cooking the fat from meat drips away so you get a healthier meal. Now, there’s no guilt in preparing your favorite juicy, flavorful wings and legs!

  • 12 Slots for 12 pieces - You can fully utilize your grill or oven space and perfectly cook hanging 12 chicken legs or wings at the same time!

  • Multifunctional Pan- The drip tray is a nice addition to the rack. You can catch fat that drips to make gravy or sauce. You can also put some veggies in the tray to roast them in the juice. The pan also spreads the heat, so the chicken isn’t exposed to direct flame. You can use this item on most grills, and in the oven, if you prefer.

  • Folding design - The rack could fold up and fits inside the tray for very economical storage if you take it for your barbecue party.

  • High quality stainless steel - Non-chemical, non-toxic, dishwasher safe, easy to clean in warm water by hands and patted dry to prevent water spot mark.

  • Perfect for any occasions - BBQ Roasted Chicken Rack is the best choice for BBQ Parties, Camping, Restaurant,etc.


  • Grill vertically without excess fat.
  • Cook 12pcs at the same time.
  • The chicken never needs turning.
  • Use small amount of grilling space.
  • Stainless steel construction.


Material: Stainless steel

  • ONLY RACK: 1 x BBQ Roasted Chicken Rack 
  • RACK + DRIP PAN: 1 x BBQ Roasted Chicken Rack & 1 x Drip Pan

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