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Aurora Borealis Gift Set - Best Gift For Valentine

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 Word of the Jewelry:
Aurora: the Greek word "Aurora" (Aurora), the goddess of the woven frame in ancient Roman mythology, in charge of the Northern Lights, representing the dawn before the rising sun.
The Northern Lights are a wonderful gift from nature to mankind, and Aurora is a goddess full of hope and hope.
Mythology says that her tears are dew. When she is sad, she flies into the sky, tears, and tears fall into morning dew.


Beautiful Sterling silver necklace featuring a gorgeous color-shifting Aurora Glass crystal.

This unique necklace captures the beauty of the breathtaking glow and flares of color seen in the Aurora borealis across the dark night sky. Adding to this gentle beauty are earrings that bring out the subtlety of the aurora that glides over your silhouette.

Made from high quality Sterling silver, and comes on a 21.65 in Sterling silver chain. The “star lit” forest themed pendant is handcrafted from solid sterling silver, turning the crystal in the sun will show different halos, representing the colourful aurora above the trees.

Available in two colors: Light Aurora & Dark Aurora. Choose your favorite!

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